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RAAC: The list of schools at risk in England

1 min read
In England, a significant number of schools are currently dealing with structural issues caused by the use of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC). The government has already updated the list of affected schools as investigations continue.

School concrete crisis: How RAAC has been used well beyond its expiry date

5 min read
Modern building materials are often designed with a limited design life. Exceeding that limit – and not properly maintaining the structures – is risky.

Concrete in schools: How missing data and poor funding contributed to today’s closures

5 min read
UK schools are contending with a financial crisis, yet the governmental revenue funds are inadequate despite the urgent need for capital for essential repairs in schools. The lack of data on the condition of school buildings adds complexity to planning procedures.

School repair crisis: Rishi Sunak under fire

6 min read
The UK Government faces scrutiny for reducing funding for school repairs, sparking an outcry from former officials and public figures. As students return to classrooms, or makeshift settings due to unsafe buildings, Downing Street and Rishi Sunak have questions to answer.

Teachers are quitting – Here’s what could be done to get them to stay

4 min read
Teachers are quitting due to workload, lack of support, and low pay. To retain them, solutions such as a lighter workload, better pay, more support and flexible working arrangements are suggested as well as creating a culture of respect and recognition.

How Black children in England’s schools are made to feel like the way they speak is wrong

6 min read
Black children in England’s schools face marginalization for the way they speak and are made to feel like their language is “wrong”. Education must be inclusive and respect the cultural diversity of students to ensure children feel safe and represented in the classroom.

Teachers vote overwhelmingly to strike

2 min read
Teachers’ strikes will result in the closure of the majority of English and Welsh schools.
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