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The alarming rise of the new fascism

8 min read
Global concerns escalate as U.S. Project 2025 promotes far-right Christian nationalism. In Britain, Suella Braverman’s inflammatory language towards migrants, the homeless, and protesters raises fears of the Conservative Party transforming into a far-right authoritarian entity.

Shifting goalposts and the failure of the Scottish media

5 min read
The Scottish media’s handling of the ongoing constitutional impasse regarding a second independence referendum has come under scrutiny for its perceived one-sidedness and for framing the issue as primarily a matter for the SNP.

The failure of British Democracy

6 min read
Are Keir Starmer’s right-leaning policies neglecting pressing issues like homelessness and poverty? Why are both Labour and Conservative parties ignoring public support for nationalising key sectors and rejoining the European Single Market?

What a Labour government would mean for the right to roam

4 min read
Labour has promised to extend access rights enjoyed in Scotland to the rest of Britain.

The looming catastrophe for the Tories

6 min read
A new poll suggesting a landslide victory for Labour over the Tories at the next General Election discourages an early election for Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives and contradicts Keir Starmer’s claim about needing Scottish votes to win.

Better a diamond with a flaw than a stone without

6 min read
The Tories’ lies, corruption, and incompetence exposed, and their plan to call an early election to avoid losing more voters revealed. How about their disastrous leaders: Johnson, Truss, and Sunak?

Lies, hypocrisy and distraction: The British media toolkit

6 min read
There’s something deeply wrong with the right-wing British nationalist media – AKA the media – and it represents a serious threat to the future of democracy in the UK.
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