Scottish Independence

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Survey shows Brexit vote has undermined support for the United Kingdom’s union

5 min read
Question marks hang over the future of the union. The Brexit policy the UK Government has implemented has instigated a diminution in public support for a union that it wishes to preserve.

Is it safe yet?

6 min read
Britain has become an insane, cruel and callous place which makes the poor pay so that the energy companies can rake in billions, a sclerotic polity which is well on the way to full-blown authoritarianism.

Liz Truss’s Conservative chip pan fire

6 min read
The Conservatives promised that their Brexit would deliver sunlit uplands, what they are delivering is unlit slum lands.

Truss is a gift to the cause of Scottish independence

6 min read
Boris Johnson is a liar and a cheat but like all successful con artists, he is basically a showman. Even so, the people of Scotland proved immune to his charms. Liz Truss’s problem is that she has no charm at all.

Human rights and Tory wrongs.

7 min read
Liz Truss is reportedly far ahead amongst Conservative party members who blame Rishi Sunak for defenestrating Boris Johnson – a view which Johnson himself is keen to foster... to prepare a triumphant return when Tory MPs decide to get rid of an inept Truss.

The Tory chancers trashing the rule of law.

5 min read
The British Government has now pretty much abandoned any pretence that the rule of law counts for anything when it is supposed to apply to... the British Government.

Boris Johnson says his time as UK PM was ‘mission largely accomplished’. How does that actually stack up?

5 min read
Boris Johnson is about to leave 10 Downing Street to be replaced by one of two colleagues. His history in the top job is a chequered one.
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