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Tory MP’s historic family links to slavery raise questions about Britain’s position on reparations

6 min read
A report estimates the UK owes £18.5 trillion in reparations for its role in the transatlantic slave trade. While some UK families whose wealth largely derives from it have agreed to pay reparations, others face growing pressure to engage in reparations talks.

Americans have an enviably healthy attitude to Britain royalty

3 min read
US journalists analysed the King’s coronation, noting its rarity in recent British history and how King Charles III may face more challenges as some Commonwealth countries seek to become republics and end their ties with the monarchy.

Royally awkward: King Charles III’s ancestors were involved in the slave trade

2 min read
Recent research has uncovered evidence that direct ancestors of King Charles III and the royal family were involved in the buying and exploitation of enslaved people on tobacco plantations in Virginia.

21st century Britain: Still the ‘emancipated empire’?

3 min read
Is history best looked at once we have finished with the future, as UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss seems to believe?
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