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Do women really rule the world?

2 min read
It is disheartening to note that not many countries in the world have been female-led. Despite the progress made in recent years, the number of nations that have had female leadership remains disappointingly low.

Fragile Democracy

3 min read
The share of the world living in either a democracy has taken a steep dive recently. The current fragility of democracy is plain to see.

Rishi Sunak: Best of a bad bunch?

3 min read
Rishi Sunak is the UK’s fifth Prime Minister since the Brexit vote of 2016, and the third of 2022, following Liz Truss’s exceptionally short time in Downing Street. But is he only the best of a bad bunch?

Liz Truss becomes the shortest-serving UK Prime Minister

2 min read
Liz Truss now has the unwanted honour of being the shortest-serving post-war prime minister.

How well or badly is the Government doing at responding to the rising cost of energy?

2 min read
It is all well for Number 10 to fly the flag and for ministers to celebrate the Lionesses’ win at the Euros, but is the Government currently doing enough to deal with serious issues such as the rising cost of energy in the country?

Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition: Will he or won’t he?

3 min read
Elon Musk is trying to withdraw his bid for Twitter after months of conflicting statements. What was supposed to be one of the biggest tech acquisitions in recent history will now most likely devolve into a legal battle impacting the involved stocks for the foreseeable future.

Boris Johnson’s premiership – Worst resignation rate and one of the shortest tenures.

2 min read
Boris Johnson has announced his departure from office following a record number of ministerial resignations.
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