Sue Gray

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Partygate: Is Boris Johnson lying?

6 min read
The prime minister accepts he broke the law but the question now becomes, did he mislead parliament about it? Either he engaged in immoral behaviour by lying, misrepresented the truth or he didn’t understand his own rules – and must admit to incompetence.

British voters want lying politicians to face consequences.

5 min read
Does it matter to people what consequences there should be for politicians who break rules or mislead parliament? Yes, they want ministers to be kept in constant check by parliament, courts and the public at large.

4 key takeaways from the ‘partygate’ investigation into Boris Johnson’s Downing Street.

5 min read
Sue Gray’s findings present a damning indictment of standards of conduct and the operational culture at the heart of the British government during the lockdown phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boris Johnson pledges to ‘fix’ Downing Street after partygate – but this is a failure of his leadership.

4 min read
The most unacceptable outcome would be if this episode becomes another example of a leader feeling unchallengeable and emboldened as a rule-breaker. A change of leadership is the first and only substantial thing that really matters.

The Sue Gray report.

15 min read
Read Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street parties. Despite key details of the worst breaches missing, at the request of the Metropolitan Police, the long-awaited Party Gate report highlights “failures of leadership” in Number 10.

Boris Johnson: Sue Gray’s report may prove the final straw for angry Conservative MPs.

5 min read
The investigation into Downing Street parties has no power to bring the Prime Minister down. But it may still provide the ammunition that brings Boris Johnson’s government to an end.

Trapped between a rock and a party place.

5 min read
At this point in time, it might be easier for Boris Johnson to list the days when there wasn’t a booze-up in Downing Street.
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