Supply Chain
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Evaluating Brexit, honestly

13 min read
Brexit’s impact is complex and hard to disentangle from other factors. It hasn’t helped issues like medicine shortages, steel jobs, or environmental protection. Brexit promised concrete benefits, not just abstract ideas, and has failed to deliver.

Brexit Britain: Grow-your-own-salad country vs start-up nation

3 min read
What’s a sustainable ambition for Brexit Britain? Not to become a start-up nation but to grow your own salad.

Why supermarkets are rationing food and how to prevent future shortages

5 min read
Supermarkets are rationing food due to recent shortages. Food shortages have revealed weaknesses in UK supply chains. We must focus on sustainable sourcing, efficient transport and better waste management to prevent future crises.

UK strikes: How industrial action at a major port could disrupt supplies of clothing, cars and canned food

4 min read
With a looming recession, the UK’s political and business leaders need to develop solutions that will support economic recovery and growth.
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