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Deportations in Europe: The numbers, the trends, and what they mean

3 min read
France, Germany, and Sweden top the list of the removal of non-EU nationals from European countries in 2022.

Greta Thunberg fined for climate protest in Malmö

1 min read
Greta Thunberg has been fined for blocking oil trucks in Malmö, Sweden. She claims climate emergency justifies her protest.

Finland joins Nato in a major blow to Putin which doubles the length of the alliance’s border with Russia

5 min read
Finland has gone from neutral to a Nato member in 30 years, in a move that effectively doubles the length of the border between Nato and Russia, and Sweden could be set to follow.

Finland and Sweden’s desire to join Nato shows Putin has permanently redrawn the map of Europe.

5 min read
Sweden and Finland’s plans to join Nato are a symbol of a major shake-up of the European security order.

Sweden and Finland eye the Nato option, but it’s a security dilemma for the west.

5 min read
Nato enlargement to Sweden and Finland could be a dangerous strategy if it backs Russia into a corner. Vladimir Putin may well turn to his often-threatened nuclear capability.
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