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The firsthand account of what someone has experienced.

Disability โ€“ The farce that is PIP.

9 min read
The UKโ€™s benefits system for disabled people, whose life with a disability is a life spent battling to achieve even the simplest of tasks and that takes an immense toll physically and emotionally, is simply vile and insidious, and the assessment is just appalling.

Sri Lankaโ€™s protesters are demanding change. Hereโ€™s why.

8 min read
Sri Lankaโ€™s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled the country after weeks of protests. Now Sri Lankans want action โ€” and fast.

EU citizens told they canโ€™t come home using just their European passports.

4 min read
Two EU citizens with Settled Status in the UK, travelling on their European passports, were recently told by the staff of two airlines, EasyJet and Ryanair, to produce โ€œadditional IDโ€ to be able to fly back home to the UK. How the hostile environment is being delegated to private companies.

Long COVID in children is real and serious. There are treatments available... just not in the UK.

5 min read
My daughter Jasmin has had long COVID for the past 16 months. I tried for over 6 months to get her research bloods done in the UK. Hitting brick walls, in desperation I took her to Germany in February.

COVID in children is not mild.

3 min read
Kim Warehamโ€™s daughter is 10. After successfully protecting her against the virus for two years, omicron finally got her. Through her testimony, she wants people to know what her suffering has been like and that COVID-19 for children is not mild.

Nataliia: โ€œI fear I will never see my husband again.โ€

3 min read
Nataliia Vladimirova fled her home in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on the first day of the Russian invasion, on 24 February, with her four-year-old daughter Oleksandra and mother-in-law. She shares her heart-wrenching story of family separation and loss.

Around the wards in 80 days.

17 min read
This is the moving story of Derek Walsh, a COVID survivor. You may find it difficult to read... just imagine how difficult it was for him to write! This is what the reality looks like for thousands of people in ICU with COVID-19 today.
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