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Libya’s warring governments and the West

2 min read
Eight years on from the grand bargain, Libya’s situation is even more woeful.

China’s gallium and germanium controls: What they mean and what could happen next

5 min read
China’s new restrictions on gallium and germanium exports, in response to Western curbs on semiconductor equipment exports, could disrupt Western tech manufacturing. These elements, key in semiconductors and devices like smartphones, are predominantly supplied by China.

Zelensky’s European tour has won critical support for Ukraine’s counter-offensive

5 min read
The recent visits of Volodymyr Zelensky to his European allies to seek military and diplomatic support for the war against Russia was a success as Germany, France, and Britain have agreed to provide Ukraine with more weapons and equipment for its counter-offensive.

Why the West needs to offer Brazil, India, and South Africa a new deal

5 min read
Emerging powers like Brazil, India, and South Africa are unhappy with the current global power structure and seek more recognition and influence. The West should offer more incentives to these countries to support its stance on Ukraine.

Russia’s support base grows as countries continue to mix vodka with their politics

4 min read
Russia’s support base is slowly growing while countries condemning it have decreased, particularly from emerging economies.

20 years on, the false narrative of the Firdos Square Saddam statue toppling

3 min read
20 years after the iconic toppling of Saddam Hussein’s bronze statue in Iraq, some people now lament the lack of rule of law in the country. Though the toppling was a defining moment in Iraq’s freedom, the state of corruption suggests a different reality.
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