Trump Indictment
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Trump out on bail – a criminal justice expert explains the system of cash bail

7 min read
Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants surrendered in a Georgia election interference case, with varying bail amounts. An expert discusses the U.S. cash bail system, highlighting its aim to ensure court appearances but criticising its impact on the poor and its racial disparities.

8 GOP candidates debate funding to Ukraine, Trump’s future and – covertly, with dog whistles – race

5 min read
From immigration and federal spending to Ukraine and the state of American schools, eight GOP presidential candidates had a lot to say.

The official allegations against Trump are mounting

4 min read
Four indictments in four months. Enough, Donald John Trump says, to win him the presidential election.

Memo to fellow journalists: Please don’t cover Trump 2.0 like in 2016

3 min read
In 2016, Donald Trump’s outrageous behaviour – tweets, incendiary statements, and norm-breaking promises – were covered with gawping attention. In 2023, it’s his criminal indictments.

Another Trump indictment, the biggest one

5 min read
Former President Donald Trump faces a lawsuit for sparking a violent mob on January 6, 2021. His lawyers are desperate to find a way to escape the legal trouble. The lawsuit document reveals the shocking details of Trump’s actions and words. It is more thrilling than any Netflix show.

Trump’s fate will be decided by 12 citizen peers, in a hallowed tradition of US democracy

5 min read
Donald Trump’s defenders have alleged that his indictment is a politically motivated “witch hunt” by the Biden administration when his fate lies in the hands of a 12-member jury, not the federal government. The Sixth Amendment ensures a jury trial, protecting him from potential government overreach.

Trump delivers defiant speeches after his recent indictment

3 min read
Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of weaponizing the justice department and compared the situation to Stalinist Russia to explain his recent indictment, whilst Mike Pence urged patience and prayer for Trump, who now faces 37 charges related to handling classified documents.
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