UK Economy
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How action over parliamentary spying scandal could affect the UK’s economic relationship with China

5 min read
As a key UK trading partner, the government should tread carefully when addressing the very real risks posed by China.

The UK economy’s COVID bounceback was stronger than we thought – but here’s why people are still feeling financial pain

5 min read
An economist explains why new official figures have eased the gloom surrounding the UK economy, but haven’t fully dispelled all fears.

How UBI could save the NHS billions

4 min read
New research shows that universal basic income (UBI) could save the NHS billions by preventing mental and physical health problems. UBI could also boost the economy and reduce inequality.

Punch-drunk Britain

13 min read
How Brexit caused economic and social damage to the UK, such as lost investment, trade barriers, higher food prices, reduced choice, and lower standards. Professor Chris Grey warns of the risks of diverging from EU data protection rules and restricting student visas.

Why UK inflation is so high compared to the EU and US, and what to do about it

5 min read
UK inflation has been stubbornly high, and interest rate hikes have not yet brought it in line with other advanced economies.

Labour’s “Nick Clegg moment”? Keir Starmer ditches tuition fee pledge

3 min read
Labour is ready to abandon its long-held pledge to scrap university tuition fees in England.

Labour to be “party of business” and “most interventionist government in a generation,” says Shadow Minister

3 min read
To clarify Labour’s economic agenda to the public, its Shadow Business Secretary explains the technical policy changes: the party advocates for a more active state and greater economic freedom for working people, with Keir Starmer aiming to achieve the highest sustained growth in the G7.
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