UK Elections
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Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections: It’s never been this bad for the Conservatives, and it could still get worse

5 min read
The Tories’ by-election losses in Wellingborough and Kingswood reflect substantial shifts towards Labour amid a backdrop of resignations and controversies, dissatisfaction, particularly in economic stewardship and leadership, where Labour demonstrates strength.

Should we believe Rishi Sunak’s hint that the election will be in October?

6 min read
Rishi Sunak has hinted at a general election in the second half of the year, giving the Conservatives time to narrow Labour’s lead. Sunak hopes for signs of economic recovery, with anticipated tax cuts in the spring potentially boosting the polls.

Age, not class, is now the biggest divide in British politics

5 min read
The latest findings from the British Social Attitudes survey suggest younger voters appear to have little faith that public spending will be directed their way.

Labour gains in local elections suggest the tide has turned in many marginal constituencies

4 min read
Labour has gained control of crucial areas during the local elections but still has work to do to win outright. It's not yet clear if the swing from the Conservatives would be enough for Labour to win outright in a general election.

The English local elections and the Tories’ voter suppression tactics

6 min read
England’s local elections are expected to cause heavy losses for the Conservative Party on Thursday, potentially pushing backbench Tory unrest. Meanwhile, voter ID requirements will affect non-Conservative supporters, with up to two million voters lacking the necessary ID.

Can Rishi Sunak save the Tories? Voting behaviour over time suggests it will take more than personal appeal to win the next election

5 min read
The prime minister is popular, his party is not. Which is more important as we head towards the next election?

The Good Law Project takes on the Government’s ID requirements

3 min read
The Good Law Project has expressed concern over the new voting rules, which they fear may lead to the disenfranchisement of certain groups, especially young people.
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