UK History
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It’s a myth that England was created on the battlefield – most of it happened at the negotiating table

5 min read
Not a simple tale of English kings overcoming Vikings, the creation of England involved far more bureaucracy than the epic legends let on.

David Cameron: Lessons from other ex-prime ministers who returned to government

6 min read
Rishi Sunak’s surprising choice of David Cameron as foreign secretary, despite his 2016 political exit, sparks divided opinions. This move echoes historical instances where ex-prime ministers returned for experience and unity, with Cameron being the first in 50 years.

Too often learning ‘British history’ means learning ‘English history’

4 min read
If history is to be of any use to those who study it, it ought to help them understand the nature of the country and society they live in.

The history behind Orkney’s vote to ‘join Norway’

5 min read
Bringing up the subjects of autonomy and Norway has always been an effective way for Orcadians to draw attention to their grievances with central government.

NHS at 75: Problems abound but founding principles are unshaken

4 min read
Prophets of the NHS’s demise have been proved wrong year after year.

Americans have an enviably healthy attitude to Britain royalty

3 min read
US journalists analysed the King’s coronation, noting its rarity in recent British history and how King Charles III may face more challenges as some Commonwealth countries seek to become republics and end their ties with the monarchy.
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