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It’s limited, but Labour’s post-Brexit policy does offer voters a choice

15 min read
The domestic political landscape is shaping up with Labour offering a closer and more harmonious relationship with the EU, while the Tories maintain a more distant approach. Time is running out to address the economic and geopolitical consequences of Brexit.

Labour’s new take on immigration: What does it mean for Britain?

5 min read
Keir Starmer unveiled how he would tackle the UK’s immigration and asylum issues if elected. Promising a fresh approach, he aims to crack down on people-smuggling gangs and work more closely with the European Union.

‘When you get status the struggle doesn’t end’ — What it’s like to be a new refugee in the UK

5 min read
New refugees have just 28 days to access the essential services they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. In the ‘destitution gap’, many will become homeless.

Hotels and employment aren’t major ‘pull factors’ for refugees

4 min read
UK policies aimed at reducing asylum-seeking through welfare and job restrictions are ineffective, research shows. The key driver for asylum destination choice is existing social networks, not employment or welfare benefits.

Deportations in Europe: The numbers, the trends, and what they mean

3 min read
France, Germany, and Sweden top the list of the removal of non-EU nationals from European countries in 2022.

Bibby Stockholm: Legionella is not the only health threat on the asylum barge

4 min read
Asylum seekers were evacuated from the Bibby Stockholm barge due to legionella bacteria. The barge, which has been controversial for its cramped conditions and impact on the local community, is feared to increase the risk of mental health issues and infectious diseases among residents.

Hiring refugees is not just ‘doing a good thing’ – research shows it can also help businesses

5 min read
Refugees can help fill labour shortages and skills gaps, while also boosting diversity and competitiveness.
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