UK Local Elections
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A painful picture for the Tories: Forecasting the general election from the local results

5 min read
Electoral forecasting is a difficult science that relies on past data. Different techniques produce different outcomes for the next UK general election. Looking back at the relationship between local elections and subsequent general elections puts Labour on course for a House of Commons majority.

Helicopter rides and electoral annihilation: Rishi Sunak’s expensive commute

4 min read
Rishi Sunak’s use of a taxpayer-funded helicopter to Southampton on Tuesday, costing around £6,000 to the taxpayers, has been criticised as wasteful and environmentally damaging. Number 10 defends it as necessary for effective time management.

From crown to clowns: King Charles III’s coronation and the Tory distraction parade

7 min read
The lavish crowning of King Charles III has triggered backlash over privilege, police response against peaceful demonstrators, and assault on civil rights by a Tory Government that gained much from the distraction from their defeat at the local polls.

Labour gains in local elections suggest the tide has turned in many marginal constituencies

4 min read
Labour has gained control of crucial areas during the local elections but still has work to do to win outright. It's not yet clear if the swing from the Conservatives would be enough for Labour to win outright in a general election.

The English local elections and the Tories’ voter suppression tactics

6 min read
England’s local elections are expected to cause heavy losses for the Conservative Party on Thursday, potentially pushing backbench Tory unrest. Meanwhile, voter ID requirements will affect non-Conservative supporters, with up to two million voters lacking the necessary ID.

Can Rishi Sunak save the Tories? Voting behaviour over time suggests it will take more than personal appeal to win the next election

5 min read
The prime minister is popular, his party is not. Which is more important as we head towards the next election?

What does a good night look like for Keir Starmer’s Labour or Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives?

4 min read
There’s a lot to play for in the final big electoral test before the next national vote, especially in northern regions where Labour hopes to make a comeback.
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