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Lies, hypocrisy and distraction: The British media toolkit

6 min read
There’s something deeply wrong with the right-wing British nationalist media – AKA the media – and it represents a serious threat to the future of democracy in the UK.

Lengthy off-air period looms for Huw Edwards amid BBC investigation

1 min read
BBC News presenter, Huw Edwards, may remain off air for months as the corporation investigates allegations against him after he was accused of paying for explicit images.

Huw Edwards in hospital amid explicit images scandal

2 min read
BBC presenter Huw Edwards is the man accused of paying for explicit images. His wife says he is in hospital for mental health issues and asks for privacy. Police found no offence after fresh inquiries.

Why so many people have had enough of experts

5 min read
New research highlights three key reasons for declining trust in experts, and how to regain their authority in future.

GB News’ latest blunder: Allowing anti-vaxxer to run amok on air

2 min read
GB News violated the broadcasting code by letting Naomi Wolf make unfounded claims comparing the COVID-19 vaccine to mass murder. Concerned, Ofcom has requested a meeting with the controversial channel.

The Gary Lineker controversy

6 min read
The incident has been widely reported and discussed in the media recently, yet for clarity, here is an overview of the dispute that has captivated the BBC for days and started when Gary Lineker tweeted his views on the government's new immigration legislation.

Will the BBC regret suspending Gary Lineker?

3 min read
Former BBC Director General believes the BBC’s suspension of Gary Lineker from hosting Match of the Day is a grave mistake and will be seen as an act of government pressure.
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