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Is Rishi Sunak a lame duck? With MPs divided and rebelling, a sense of decline hangs heavy in the air

4 min read
With his own MPs blocking his every policy, Rishi Sunak doesn’t appear to be able to get much done.

Why report into misleading parliament still matters, even after Boris Johnson resigned as an MP

5 min read
The privileges process is a vital part of the British constitution, so what the committee investigating Boris Johnson decides matters for future precedent, even if he is gone.

Boris Johnson: Freed from the constraints of office, the former prime minister could be even more dangerous

4 min read
The House of Commons Committee on Privileges has called for former PM Boris Johnson to be barred from having a former member’s pass, and with good reason.

Boris Johnson has triggered a bumper by-election bonanza – I studied 148 past contests to find out what we can expect

5 min read
Boris Johnson and two of his supporters have left parliament, triggering three by-elections which could be crucial for the future of British politics. What can the history and patterns of by-elections tell us about the chances of a change in power?

Boris Johnson’s claims about being ‘forced out’ of parliament are simply false

4 min read
The former prime minister has claimed a small group of MPs has forced him out, but that’s not an accurate description of events.

Caroline Lucas and the heavy burden of being a party’s only member of parliament

5 min read
As the only Green parliamentarian, Caroline Lucas has served as a constituency MP but also as a representative of the hundreds of thousands of other people who vote for her party.

Can Jeremy Corbyn go it alone in Islington North? What the evidence tells us

5 min read
The evidence suggests that while Jeremy Corbyn has a strong personal vote, Islington North is changing demographically and politically, which may make it more difficult for him to win without the support of the Labour Party.
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