UK Police
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Suella Braverman: Why the home secretary can’t force the police to cancel a pro-Palestine march

4 min read
Suella Braverman criticised the Met Police for alleged double standards in handling pro-Palestinian marches, accusing them of leniency. Her interference raises concerns about the police’s non-partisan role, damaging the fragile contract of public trust, essential for effective policing.

What does high immigration mean for the government’s popularity?

5 min read
High immigration rates correlate with increased support for the governing party and lower unemployment rates. Legal immigration has little economic impact, but illegal immigration causes fear and anxiety. To win elections, parties must address irregular arrivals and emphasize immigration benefits.

Study exposes racial disparities in COVID fines

3 min read
A UK study shows that black people were three times more likely to be fined for COVID-19 rule violations than white people, with higher rates in poorer areas. Racial disparities were found across all forces from March 2020 to May 2021.
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