Ukraine-Russia Crisis

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Vladimir Putin: A risk-taker who is gambling his country’s future.

8 min read
How did a young risk-taking politician take complete control of Russia and destabilise Europe and the US? Twenty years on, his dangerously aggressive and risky rule must be ended.

It’s time to fight Putin! – Garry Kasparov.

3 min read
How to checkmate Vladimir Putin, according to the former World Chess Champion, political activist and harsh critic of the Russian president.

For Russia, it’s all alt... even its tsar.

3 min read
Russia is now in an alternate universe where Vladimir Putin recreates the Russian empire.

UK-Russia – You can have freedom or corruption, not both.

5 min read
A Conservative MP on the dilemmas Vladimir Putin’s regime poses for the UK: time to choose between freedom and corruption, between independence and dirty money, he argues.

Russia, Ukraine, Schrodinger’s cat and our interconnected world.

2 min read
Vladimir Putin may have deliberately created a crisis in Ukraine in which everything is possible at once, including global food supplies being affected.
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