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What we know so far about reports of battles being fought across the border in Russia

5 min read
Early reports suggest pro-Kyiv and anti-Putin partisans have launched significant attacks on Russian soil.

Zelensky’s European tour has won critical support for Ukraine’s counter-offensive

5 min read
The recent visits of Volodymyr Zelensky to his European allies to seek military and diplomatic support for the war against Russia was a success as Germany, France, and Britain have agreed to provide Ukraine with more weapons and equipment for its counter-offensive.

Drone ‘attack’ on the Kremlin – Logic suggests a false flag to distract Russians ahead of Victory Day

5 min read
The drone ‘attack’ on the Kremlin remains shrouded in mystery. The logic suggests a false flag but here are some of the possible explanations.

Why democratic countries around the world are not prepared to support Ukraine – and some are shifting closer to Russia

6 min read
Global efforts to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine have stalled, with many countries opting for neutrality instead of condemning Russia. African and Latin American countries remain mostly neutral whilst China and India maintain a balancing act through their strategic partnership with Russia.

Ukraine war: The lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process

5 min read
Ukraine is hinting it may be prepared to talk, with conditions. Here’s what both sides could learn from the Northern Ireland peace process.

Tragic milestone: Over 500 children killed in Ukraine conflict, says UNICEF

4 min read
The head of UNICEF has reported that child casualties in Ukraine have reached a tragic milestone, coinciding with a recent report by the UN human rights office highlighting the increasing numbers of deaths and injuries since the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Russia and Ukraine reach agreement on Black Sea Grain Initiative

2 min read
The UN announced the Black Sea Grain Initiative to facilitate safe exports of grain and related products from Ukrainian seaports. It has helped stabilise global food prices.
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