Ukrainian Refugees
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Why thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the UK are now homeless

4 min read
Schemes to house Ukrainian refugees are set to last for three years. But halfway through, they are already proving unsuccessful.

A year on, here’s what life has been like for Ukrainian refugees in the UK

5 min read
One year after the war in Ukraine began, refugees have faced anguish and despair as they adapt to life in the UK. Despite challenges, people are striving to maintain hope and continue on with determination.

The UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme is failing both refugees and their hosts

5 min read
The Homes for Ukraine scheme has been in operation for six months. Refugees in the UK and the people hosting them, however, will likely need support for years to come.

‘Ukraine fatigue’? A Ukrainian mother-and-daughter story from London

3 min read
The mother of one of my Ukrainian friends leaves London next month. She’s going home, my friend says, her eyes lowered. For how long, it’s not clear.

Thousands of Ukrainian children are joining UK schools, but some face issues obtaining school places.

4 min read
Only 9,900 Ukrainian children have been offered school places in England as their families left their homes and resettled in the UK. If a child is denied a place at a school, families need to know they can appeal the decision.

Survey shows British people, and especially Tory voters, feel very differently about some refugees than others.

5 min read
A heartening 70% of British voters want to allow Ukrainians into the UK but only 50% feel the same way about Afghans. And the difference is even starker among those who vote Conservative.

All government wants is for asylum seekers to be out of sight out of mind.

3 min read
Rather than doing anything practical to tackle gangs, the government blames human rights lawyers – the very people who are making sure asylum seekers are correctly and lawfully processed.
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