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In Iran, one man exercises complete control for his lifetime. In the US, it’s now six people.

2 min read
Political gridlock across the US federal government has made the country’s supreme court uniquely powerful.

Abortion. Complicated? Or not?

4 min read
The U.S. Supreme Court throwing out the precedent-setting Roe v. Wade ruling obviously draws strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

A peaceful transfer of power in America? Yes, but...

2 min read
I don’t know about you but the Colombian election has been a rare bright spot in the news from the Americas.

The corrective enlightening power of the Juneteenth holiday.

6 min read
The Juneteenth Holiday makes white nationalists and Republicans who make attempts to delete history, members of the walking-dead club.

The United States and mass shootings.

3 min read
Beyond the highly publicised US mass shootings, there are actually many more gun massacres that don’t make the front pages, highlighting the even more significant extent of mass gun violence in the United States.

As the Beatles said, I say it’s my birthday.

2 min read
If only B. Jay Cooper’s wishes could come true... if only!

U.S. gun violence – We have to make it stop.

4 min read
Rank-and-file Americans, most Democrats in Congress and a handful of Senate Republicans support some form of common-sense gun control. But nothing ever gets passed.
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