US Elections
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Biden’s low approval ratings don’t mean he is bound to lose the 2024 US election – here’s why

5 min read
Some Democrats are concerned as recent polls suggest voters may choose Donald Trump over Joe Biden in key states for the 2024 presidential election. Despite Biden's low approval, electoral outcomes remain uncertain.

Elections yesterday and tomorrow

5 min read
Democrats celebrated victories in Tuesday’s U.S. elections, with potential implications for 2024. Trump’s absence from the ballot introduces uncertainty. Ageing remains a focal point, with scrutiny on both Biden and Trump. Making predictions is challenging.

Events that never happened could influence the 2024 presidential election

5 min read
AI can manipulate a real event or invent one from thin air to create a ‘situation deepfake.’ These deepfakes threaten to influence upcoming elections, but you can still protect your vote.

An indictment wouldn’t end Trump’s run for the presidency – He could even campaign or serve from a jail cell

7 min read
Donald Trump made little mention of his personal legal battles as he announced his bid to retake the White House. But would an indictment end the former president’s run for presidency?

Midterms: Growing number of Americans believe political violence is acceptable

2 min read
The US holds its midterm elections on 8 November. While the question on everyone’s mind is, “Who will win?”, it should really be, “How angry will Trump supporters be?” – Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen

No bullsh*t, no exaggeration... American democracy becomes American autocracy in 2023.

7 min read
Right around this time next year, from June 2023 thru July 2023, the greatest, most successful, and freest exercise of self-government, American democracy, will constitutionally end.
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