US Foreign Policy
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Donald Trump and the ‘madman theory’ of foreign policy

5 min read
Donald Trump champions a ‘madman’ foreign policy, lauded by supporters for unpredictability. Critics label it reckless. Historical examples show such tactics often fail due to credibility erosion.

Why Russia and China have been added to Republicans’ new ‘axis of evil’

5 min read
The term ‘axis of evil’ is being revived by some Republicans to describe China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. However, the new grouping differs in principles and has more tenuous links to US policy. It also appears driven by Republicans in Congress rather than the White House.

What Joe Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping means for geopolitical tensions

6 min read
In a high-stakes meeting at the APEC summit, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed to ease tensions in a complex relationship shaped by economic interdependence. Resolving grievances requires ongoing dialogue and cooperation.

8 GOP candidates debate funding to Ukraine, Trump’s future and – covertly, with dog whistles – race

5 min read
From immigration and federal spending to Ukraine and the state of American schools, eight GOP presidential candidates had a lot to say.

Some surprising actors want the Yankees in their backyard.

4 min read
The Estonians want the Americans to stand guard in the Baltics. So too, it seems, do the Pakistanis.
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