Viktor Orbán
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US election: How populists encourage blind mistrust – and how to push back

5 min read
Populism is surging, exemplified by Donald Trump’s strategy of undermining trust in democratic institutions. This global trend features populist leaders portraying themselves as champions of the people, making unfounded allegations of collusion, and fostering widespread distrust.

The Budapest connection: Tory MPs met with Orbán and far-right groups

2 min read
By attending a conference in Budapest hosted by Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-migrant PM, along with members of European far-right parties, three Tory MPs have exposed the Tories’ wider ties with such groups and provoked public outrage.

Last week the Axis Of Autocracy was consummated.

6 min read
If Donald Trump is elected President in 2024, none of the world’s democracies will be safe or protected from China’s or Russia’s forced attempts to convert democracies to autocracies.

An open letter to Tucker Carlson.

4 min read
On the man who Fox News’ lawyers admit he doesn’t know what he is talking about, doesn’t tell the truth – and anyway, his employers don’t even expect him to.
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