Volodymyr Zelensky

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A Ukrainian politician and former comedian and actor who has served as the sixth and current president of Ukraine since 2019.

Biden’s visit to Kyiv sets the seal on a year of growing western unity and Russian isolation

6 min read
The message is clear: this war must end in Ukraine, and the West will do all it can to ensure this outcome.

The first Leopard tank arrived in Kyiv

3 min read
Ukraine is struggling to confront two pressing threats: a Russian invasion and corruption within its own military. It’s essential they take action against both of these challenges.

Ukraine’s defence ministry corruption reshuffle marks a painful moment in an agonising war

3 min read
Ukraine faces a tough challenge with its top official’s shuffle and military food purchases reportedly going at highly inflated prices while the nation is at war.

Ukraine war: Kremlin’s campaign of misinformation keeps Kyiv and its allies guessing

5 min read
The Kremlin’s weapons of mass distraction are designed to keep Kyiv and allies guessing.

PMP’s Person of The Year 2022

2 min read
Our 5th award given to an individual, group of people or organization to recognize them and their influence during the past year.

What game theory can tell us about how Ukraine-Russia negotiations might go.

5 min read
The negotiations need to achieve a spectrum of wins and losses that could give every side a win – something hard to imagine at this point.

Ukraine: What might happen if the war spreads to a Nato country.

5 min read
Article 5 of the Nato treaty calls for collective defence if a member nation is attacked. But some Nato countries further from the conflict zone might be reluctant to send combat forces even in the event that Article 5 is triggered.
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