Vote of No Confidence
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Behind the scenes of Westminster – How government whips are losing their influence.

5 min read
Boris Johnson has burned so many commitments and bridges that it seems more than likely that the Tory whips will be unable to salvage them beyond 2022 even when using intimidation tactics to keep him in power.

The tactics Tory rebels could use to derail Boris Johnson.

5 min read
Boris Johnson wants to move on to other government businesses, but the PM’s opponents in the Conservative Party (and there are many) could bog down and/or derail his legislative agenda to contest his leadership.

Boris Johnson never took full control of the Tory party – uniting it now seems impossible.

4 min read
A strong party leader is both in control of the organisation of their party and can set and articulate the party’s priorities. With 41% of his MPs united against him, Boris Johnson is unlikely to last long – or get much done if he does.

Conservative Party – Who are the rebels and why do they want Boris Johnson gone?

5 min read
The Tory party is a ‘broad church’ with many factions. And many of them are unimpressed with the prime minister at the moment. Tory tensions are exacerbated through the ideological incoherence of Johnson himself.

After the confidence vote, what now for ‘Big Dog’?

5 min read
Politics professor Jon Tonge was pretty much spot on with his prediction for the result of the no-confidence vote against Boris Johnson. Here’s how he calculated the result and what might happen next.

The ‘greased piglet’ oinks again (for the time being).

6 min read
Although Boris Johnson has yet again slipped through the cracks, the Conservative Party is now deeply divided and polls suggest that they could be headed for two catastrophic defeats in the Wakefield and Honiton by-elections.

What the result of the confidence vote means for the PM and the Conservative Party.

4 min read
With 41% of his MPs voting against his leadership, how realistic are Boris Johnson’s hopes for survival?
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