Voting Rights

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Tories cry foul as Starmer says EU citizens should vote in UK elections

3 min read
Labour is currently reviewing voting issues. Keir Starmer wants to give EU citizens in UK voting rights, saying it is unfair to exclude long-term migrants who pay taxes. The Tories oppose the idea and accuse Labour of pro-EU agenda.

The English local elections and the Tories’ voter suppression tactics

6 min read
England’s local elections are expected to cause heavy losses for the Conservative Party on Thursday, potentially pushing backbench Tory unrest. Meanwhile, voter ID requirements will affect non-Conservative supporters, with up to two million voters lacking the necessary ID.

The Good Law Project takes on the Government’s ID requirements

3 min read
The Good Law Project has expressed concern over the new voting rules, which they fear may lead to the disenfranchisement of certain groups, especially young people.

Voter ID: Conservative MPs gave weak justification for law that could stop people voting

5 min read
The UK government has changed the law, requiring people in England to show ID when voting. The opposition claims the move is an attempt by the Tories to sway future elections by preventing certain demographics from voting, particularly those unlikely to vote Conservatives.

Voter ID: A solution in search of a problem?

2 min read
The UK government is facing criticism for proposing mandatory photo ID for voting despite no proven cases of in-person voter impersonation in 2022, alienating 2 million people who just want to cast a ballot.

Why aren’t children allowed to vote?

6 min read
Our assumptions about what it means to be young have left millions of people disenfranchised. What if children were allowed to vote?

Voter suppression: How democracies around the world are using new rules to make it harder to vote

5 min read
Laws making it more difficult to vote are being introduced around the democratic world, an expert says. They risk undermining democracy.
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