Wagner Group
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Ukraine war: Two good reasons the world should worry about Russia’s arms purchases from North Korea

5 min read
Despite the UN sanctions against North Korea, Russia is apparently trading weapons and technology which could help Pyongyang’s missile programme.

Niger coup: West African union has pledged to intervene – but some members support the plotters

5 min read
The coup in Niger has the potential to further destabilise the whole of West Africa.

Wagner is golden again... in Central African Republic

3 min read
Business as usual for Russia’s globe-trotting mercenary army. Is Putin fully on board or unable to prevent it?

Putin seriously weakened by Wagner Group mutiny – but it was a missed opportunity for Ukraine too

5 min read
Yevgeny Prigozhin’s coup attempt exposed the weakness and fragility of Vladimir Putin’s regime and the war in Ukraine. The crisis also raised doubts about Russia’s reliability as a partner for its allies. The failed rebellion may have lasting repercussions for Russia and the region.

Questions about Wagner Group involvement in Sudan as another African country falls prey to Russian mercenaries

6 min read
The role of the Wagner Group in the Sudan crisis is not yet clear, but its mercenaries are reported to be involved in a number of African countries.

Sudan: Violence between army and militia is a symptom of an old disease that is destroying Africa

6 min read
Sudan is in a power struggle between its military and paramilitary forces causing fears of civil war. Authoritarian rulers setting up armed groups, loose command and control, ethnic ties and external mercenaries have exacerbated the issue.
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