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Narcissism, immorality and lack of empathy: the dark psychology that can poison elites

5 min read
Elite groups encounter psychological challenges that can result in emotional detachment, a deficiency of self-doubt, and a feeling of entitlement. They frequently find themselves confined within echo chambers.

Discrimination is the biggest career obstacle for women of colour in the NHS

5 min read
Black and minority ethnic women are the most likely of all NHS staff groups to experience discrimination from patients or colleagues. Systemic discrimination is the single biggest impediment to their career progression.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr.’s remarks 60th-anniversary March on Washington

6 min read
Sixty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela fought for Democracy and against segregation. Today, the fight is not just about electing officials but ensuring a judiciary that upholds equality and liberty for all.

A monumental victory empowering women in Britain

4 min read
In a significant legal shift, Nina Cresswell emerges victorious after naming her attacker online. Her landmark case highlights the importance of women’s voices in the public domain, ensuring their perpetrators do not silence them.

How gender inequality is hindering Japan’s economic growth

5 min read
In the Japanese workplace, women face discrimination, restrictive behaviour and appearance codes, and a lower glass ceiling than elsewhere. Only a profound cultural shift will change that.

Iran: ‘Hijab’ protests challenge the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic

6 min read
The autocratic regime of Ayatollah Khamenei is coming under pressure like never before because of the ‘Hijab’ protests that currently challenge the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic.

Why are some so afraid of women, gays, trans, etc?

6 min read
While some in the United States are chomping away at our rights, others are attacking our democracy from within. What are they afraid of?
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