Xi Jinping
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The upshot of ‘He said, Xi said’: More pandas to the US

3 min read
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping participated in a crucial summit during the APEC forum in San Francisco. Acknowledging competition, the leaders underscored the importance of averting conflict and committed to resuming military contact.

What Joe Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping means for geopolitical tensions

6 min read
In a high-stakes meeting at the APEC summit, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed to ease tensions in a complex relationship shaped by economic interdependence. Resolving grievances requires ongoing dialogue and cooperation.

Xi-Putin meeting: Here’s what it says about their current, and future, relationship

4 min read
Vladimir Putin’s first trip outside Russia in 20 months is to attend Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) anniversary summit. Both leaders aim to challenge the Western-dominated order but their partnership leans towards China.

Is the G20 in trouble?

2 min read
Xi no-show and several other headaches for host India.

Why the West needs to offer Brazil, India, and South Africa a new deal

5 min read
Emerging powers like Brazil, India, and South Africa are unhappy with the current global power structure and seek more recognition and influence. The West should offer more incentives to these countries to support its stance on Ukraine.

Ukraine war: The lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process

5 min read
Ukraine is hinting it may be prepared to talk, with conditions. Here’s what both sides could learn from the Northern Ireland peace process.

Xi and Putin meeting signals the return of the China-Russia axis and the start of a second cold war

5 min read
With their meeting, Russian and Chinese leaders Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have signalled the official return of their alliance and the beginning of a new “Cold War”. The two nations will work together to restore their power over global affairs, challenging the West’s domination.
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